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Friends of Westerly Library
and Wilcox Park

to Our Site

Welcome to our new website! Like a good book, we are busy preparing pages to make our site readable and useful. Thank you for your patience! Keep checking back for new information!

About Us

The Friends of Westerly Library and Wilcox Park is a non-public tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1972. The Friends’ By-Laws simply state its Purpose “to promote and further the goals of the Memorial and Library Association as defined in its constitution.” Two main purposes of the Friends are to be champions at raising funds and volunteering for the Library/Park and to help develop a public understanding of today’s library and its vital role.

With this broad mandate, the Friends have articulated Goals for 2022-2023 that will continue its focus on fundraising, advocacy and volunteer services that benefit the Library and Park within the constraints of the COVID reality. In order to raise the much needed funds to acquire important materials and equipment beyond the operating budget of the Library and Park, our fund raising efforts include but are not limited to:

  • Increasing membership income by converting existing memberships to higher levels and adding new membership categories

  • Continuing to sponsor special events, exhibits and speakers

  • Creating new innovative, fee-paying programming

  • Kick-starting a 2022 commemoration of the Friends’ “50th Anniversary”

News & Upcoming Events


Spring Cleaning?

We are always accepting gently-used books!


Book Sales

Grab some summer reads at our pop-up book sales throughout the summer.
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Friends Used
Book Sale

Stop by and find the best selection of used books around....all at great prices!
October 10- October 19, 2024

The Friends Dollars at Work

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